Fringy Cone Bird Collar, Velcro Closure

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Our Fringy Cone Bird Collar is the toughest bird collar out there. It's made with ultra thick layers of fleece around the neck and a stiff base layer that flanges out. This soft bird collar is designed to limit your bird's neck movement so that it has a harder time reaching its preferred plucking areas. The stiff base is harder for your bird to get around. Your bird can still eat and drink with the collar on, and it can still move around using the majority of its range of motion. It's easy to put on and take off with the heavy-duty velcro closure.

These innovative bird collars are adjustable. You can trim them at the neck hole to make it larger. The collar should be loose enough that when your bird's crop expands with eating it is still comfortable but not so loose that the bird is able to chew on the neckline. My rule of thumb is that if the collar can be turned without resistance while it's on your bird, then it's not too tight.  You can also trim the perimeter if it is too long.

Are you worried about how your bird will deal with this bird vest? That's why I want to give you a FREE copy of my ebook describing how to stop feather plucking so your bird can get back to being happy and stop ripping its feathers out. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a severe plucker, order this Fringy Cone Bird Collar now.

Size Measurements Bird's weight range
Small 6" Dia. Cone 125 - 250 gm.
Medium 8" Dia. Cone 250 - 450 gm.
Large 10" Dia. Cone 450 - 850 gm.
X-Large 12" Dia. Cone  850+ gm.
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Washing Your Bird Collar

You might want to buy two collars so you can always have a clean one available to put on while you wash the soiled one. 😋😇🐦🥒