Fringy Bird Collar with Snap Closure for Severe Plucking

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Fringy Bird Collar with Snap Closure 

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  • Overview

    • 8-10 layers of fringy fleece surround the neck to restrict access to vulnerable plucking areas
    • Semi-stiff base flanges out from the body making it perfect for birds with open wounds
    • NOW with Stainless Steel Snaps

    This bird collar protects sever feather plucking parrots in two ways.  First, the base has a semi-stiff insert sandwiched between two layers of thick fleece.  It's not too weighty, but stiff enough to make it hard to grasp with a foot and bend over. The stiff feature restricts access to tail, under the wings and other vulnerable areas.  On top is thick, fringy fleece surrounding the neck, softly restricting neck range of motion.  In other words, your bird will have to work hard to access its preferred plucking areas. 

    Developed for severe feather picking parrots and parrot self-mutilation, this Fringy Bird Collar provides the thickest, stiffest protection of all UnRuffledRx soft bird collars. 

    It's relatively lightweight, but please plan to help your bird develop the physical stamina needed to tolerate this protective bird collar. Monitor bird weight to ensure tolerance.

    Note: Colors may vary from those shown and may change seasonally.

  • More Info

    We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior. In addition, to protect your bird from plucking feathers use a soft bird collar.

    A bird collar alone will NOT resolve a plucking problem. By the time most caretakers make the choice to use a bird collar, the problem has likely turned into a habit.  You are encouraged to combine the use of a bird collar with calming supplements, wellness strategies, improved parrot husbandry, resolution of medical problems and behavior modification.

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