Feather Plucking Rescue Pack

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    What's in the Rescue Pack

    Each Feather Plucking Rescue Pack contains these 4 products

    • Parrot Calming Formula, 4 oz. reduces stress, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies while promoting alertness
    • FeatheredUp! Feather Growth Formula, 90 gm. provide important nutritional support for healthy, vibrant feathers
    • Aloe Vera Spray, 8 oz. soothes skin with natural, nutrient-rich analgesic support 
    • Calcium, Magnesium +D3 supports effective nervous system functioning Serve 2-3 times per week in water. Calcium aids in both nerve and muscle functioning, amongst other benefits. Calcium deficiency may result in nervous behavior like fear, aggression, screaming, and feather plucking. We've added Magnesium and Vitamin D3 for maximum absorption and maximum benefit. 

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    Feather Plucking Relief

    Provide your feathered friend with soothing support that can help it kick the feather plucking habit. This Feather Plucking Rescue Pack was developed to address a number of common factors in feather plucking. We've developed the ingredients to provide synergistic support for your plucked friend. The combination of supplements is designed to support the nutritional deficiencies and stresses that trigger feather plucking.

    Feather Plucking Rescue Pack 

    Parrots pluck for a variety of reasons, but the most common reasons are:

    1. Nutritional deficiencies
    2.  Stress and Anxiety
    3.  Physical discomfort 

    Unruffled RX Feather Plucking Rescue Pack serves up important nutrients that your parrot needs to encourage feather regrowth, calm stressors, and soothe dry, irritated skin that is associated with feather plucking.

    How is stress related to my parrots plucking?

    As animals of prey, parents are prone to be on the lookout for danger. In the wild, they rely on the flock to keep them safe. A lot of other factors go into why parrots experience high levels of anxiety.  Parrot Calming Formula provides safe, natural support to calm the nerves.

    How are nutritional deficiencies related to plucking behavior?

    All animals are reliant on a range of vitamins, minerals,  omega's, and amino acids to maintain healthy body systems. Parrots are no different. Our feather plucking Rescue Pack helps your pet regain deficient calcium, amino acids, and other nutrients necessary for healthy body systems. 

    Why are parrots susceptible to irritated skin?

    Parrots are from tropical humid environments and so their skin has adapted to needing a high level of moisture. without proper humidity, parrots suffer from dry skin and associated abrasions and rashes due to excess scratching, Which is commonly associated with feather plucking Behavior. Aloe vera aids in supporting appropriate moisture levels in the skin and provide analgesic and antiseptic properties to promote healing.

    Research tells us that parrots pick for a variety of reasons:

    • Anxiety, Nervousness and Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior
    • Dry, Irritated Skin
    • Malnutrition
    • Imbalanced Vitamins & Minerals, Especially Calcium
    • Environmental factors
    • And, more...
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    Not For Human Consumption. Keep out of the reach of children.

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