Coming Soon! Complete Feather Plucking Kit for Mild to Moderate Feather Plucking Birds


            Support your feather plucking bird and break the habit before it becomes a compulsion. The UnRuffledRx™ System is designed for mild-to-moderate pluckers with small bald spots. Our thick, fluffy fleece collar comes with three herbal supplements and a skin treatment for soft, radiant plumage.

With these combined strategies, you can change the behavior, heal their injuries, and achieve lasting results:


            Velcro Cone Bird Collar

            Protect sensitive areas with ‘preenable’ layers of thick, fluffy fleece

            Parrot Calming Formula

            This tasteless, non-sedative formula naturally reduces stress and anxiety

            FeatheredUp! Supplement

            Our molting supplement is infused with biotin, vitamins, and amino acids

            Aloe Vera Bird Spray

            Soothe dry skin and speed up the healing process with an anti-itch conditioner

            Calming Tea

            Our proprietary blend of herbs will naturally balance hormones and anxiety


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A Complete Therapy System

            UnRuffledRx™ is built on applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and science-backed therapies. With a master’s degree in social work and clinical psychiatry, our founder focuses on the deeper impacts of avian health and environmental stressors.

Since 1998, has worked to educate pet owners, provide support, and heal feather plucking in birds. We design the most effective products with the help of avian veterinarians and pet health specialists.



Expert Support at Every Step
FREE Course

            This kit also includes a free 5-hour training course, so you can understand your bird’s condition and treat the problem. Learn how to manage your feather plucking bird, disrupt the abusive cycle, reinforce positive behaviors, and supplement their diet.

We’ll walk you through the entire process with scientific insights and vet-recommended training, including:

  • What to expect with feather plucking birds
  • How to optimize your bird’s diet and environment
  • What medical issues and stressors cause self-mutilation
  • How to reinforce behaviors with data-driven treatments
  • How to create and manage a behavior modification plan

You deserve support and help during this difficult process, too. That’s why we’re offering this $89 course free of charge.



Featured in the AAV Journal

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A Better Solution
Let’s Compare:


Fleece Collar

Soft, safe, and comforting

Won’t disrupt daily life and most activities

Varied levels of support from mild to severe

Perfect for long-term healing

Designed specifically for exotic birds


Plastic Collar

Rigid, stiff, and uncomfortable

May interfere with eating, playing, and perching

Only available in one severe, inflexible style

Intended for short-term recovery

Adapted from cats and dogs


Real Results

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We’re Here to Help

Does this really work?

Yes – there is hope! Our feather plucking remedies are recommended by avian veterinarians, and we are passionate about helping exotic birds live long, healthy lives. Plucking requires long-term, consistent support and integrated solutions to break the cycle.

            Do you offer different collar styles?

UnRuffledRx™ collars range from mild picking to severe self-mutilation. This kit is specially designed to help birds with a mild-to-moderate feather plucking habit. If you need advice about how to break compulsive habits and protect against self-harm, email us at

            Can you help me select the right collar size?

Of course! Review the size chart below to match your bird’s weight, body, and neck measurements. We offer multiple sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. A comfortable, secure fit makes all the difference. Still unsure? Send an email to and we can help you decide with an expert’s opinion.



Find the Perfect Fit
Size Chart

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