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This Should Help Your Bottom Line.

Specializing in small, family-owned stores that cater to parrot caretakers, the UnRuffledRx line supports your customers dealing with stress-related behaviors like feather plucking, screaming, aggression and more.

We know that as an independently-owned store, you take the time to highly educate yourself and your staff on the products you carry. UnRuffledRx products take a level of education that is more easily obtained through independent providers.

At, you can rely on our in-house team of product experts to support you and your staff in helping parrot caretakers with their pets. Discover the UnRuffledRx difference and how your team can improve your bottom line with repeat buy products that enjoy a 37% return customer rate.

Research tells us that parrots need a variety of strategies to thrive and overcome stress. Wellness. Environmental management. Behavior modification. Collars. We've got you covered in all of these areas.


Drop Shipping means no inventory to purchase. We warehouse all the items so you make no investment in products that are unproven to you. We provide everything necessary for you to sell our products online; your only investment is in the programming of the items into your existing platform. When a consumer places an order with you, you send an order to us and we ship the item directly to your retail customer under your name. By drop shipping you can expand your catalog of pet supplies without having to invest in inventory.

Join Our Flock

UnRuffledRx is a subsidiary of, Inc. As a small family owned and operated business, we are on a mission to help desperate owners stop or manage parrot feather plucking and self-mutilation. Our company was founded on the mission that there has to be a way of relieving the stress that parrots and their owners feel when a plucking habit develops. After years of developing bird collars and educational materials, we've recently started developing parrot supplements, feather growth supplements and other formulations that may offer both physical and emotional relief for our feathered friends. We will start rolling out our supplements in April, 2019. See our Wholesale Policies here.

We Don't Sell to Mega-Giants

We want independent exotic stores to thrive. Our products will never be found in big box retailers like PetSmart or PetCo and we currently do not work with online retailers. We know that as an independent retailer specializing in birds, you take the time to educate yourself and your staff on the products that you carry. Feather plucking products take a level of education for proper use by the customer, and big box stores can't provide that level of customer service and expertise, like you can.

Support Platform

We are creating an online support platform to educate yourself and your staff, who can in turn, provide a superior level of customer support to your parrot loving customers. We'll offer educational blogs, images, downloadable video assets for social media, a stock and lifestyle image library, and customer testimonials.

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We'd love for you to join the UnRuffledRx family!

Here are the qualifications for carrying UnRuffledRx Products:

1 Must Have a Brick & Mortar Location

2 Valid Resale Certification

3 Store Location has a Pet Speciality Section