Supporting An Injured or Post-Surgery Bird

Thank you for informing us about your bird's surgery or injury. There is one critical objective in these cases. Using a bird collar that will keep your bird from chewing its wound open.

In an optimal situation, the wound should heal quickly and efficiently so that your bird can get back to normal. But, it is equally important not to let your bird chew on the wound or it could develop a self-mutilating habit." A stiff plastic collar makes it very difficult for your bird to reach the wound. Even though you're worried about whether your bird is comfortable or not, they need this level of protection.

If you choose to try a soft bird collar, consider the Huggle Neck Collar. This collar is designed to stabilize the neck.  Please closely observe your bird several times a day to make sure that it hasn't outwitted the collar. A determined bird can figure out a way to get around the collar and chew on their wound.

Some ways to make your bird more comfortable while it recovers in its plastic cone are:

1) Make a bird hospital cage to help keep it warm and quiet, promoting faster healing.

2) Create a monitoring schedule so that you remember to see that your bird is okay. I use Alexa for this. Check for new redness, swelling, oozing wounds, or bleeding.

3) Lower perches. A recovering bird may feel weak and unstable. A lower perch can prevent re-injury. Consider putting padding on the cage floor.

4) Make sure that your bird can easily access food and water bowls and that it is actually eating and drinking.

5) Provide enrichment activities like favorite foods and treats, such as pine cones, phone books, paper towel rolls, and branches.

6) Give all medications as prescribed. 

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Notify your veterinarian if your bird's condition worsens

If treatment or recovery is not going as expected at home, your veterinarian needs to know this. Your veterinarian may need to change medication or hospitalize your bird if his condition deteriorates. Contact your veterinarian right away if your bird’s condition is not improving with treatment at home.

Postoperative Management of the Avian Patient