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Company History has been in business since 1998.  In 2013, we took a turn and began developing soft collars for feather plucking parrots under the name of UnRuffledRx Bird Collars and specializing in serving parrots with feather plucking problems.  At this writing we have 8 products from Fleece Bird Collars to Leather and Fleece Collars and Parrot Tube Collars.  Watch for our upcoming publication, The Feather Destructive Behavior Workbook.

The Feather Destructive Behavior Workbook

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Executive Biography

Diane Burroughs, LCSW founded in 1998.  In 2013, after numerous customer inquiries regarding concerns about feather plucking parrots, Diane began developing fleece bird collars in a variety of sizes.  Using customer feedback she now manufactures 7 styles of bird collars ranging from fleece, fleece with a stiff plastic insert, to leather and tube collars.  Diane is also the author of The Feather Destructive Behavior Workbook, which addresses the causes of feather plucking and walks the reader through establishing a behavior modification program to curb feather destructive behavior.

Case Studies


Parrot Tube Collar

Meet Tiki, a Congo African Grey Parrot was a rescue who'd been poorly fed and neglected over the course of many years.  Her new guardian consulted with an avian veterinarian to rule out medical issues.  She also worked on improving the birds diet, providing enrichment and optimizing the birds environment.  Tiki continued to be nervous and pluck.  Finally, the guardian resorted to trying a variety of bird collars.  After using the UnRuffledRx Bird Collar for three months, Tiki finally began showing improvement demonstrated by her allowing her down feathers to grow back.  



 Daisy is a 13 year old self-mutilator.  Her owner had tried numerous strategies to solve the problem, but Daisy, like most self-mutilators, persisted in chewing through the skin in her chest area.  After a telephone consultation, Diane Burroughs recommended the fleece bird collar with velcro closure and a stiff tube collar.  The stiff tube collar restricts Daisy's neck movement enough that she is unable to get at her chest.  Her wounds are finally on the mend. 



Parrot Poncho


Max, a resident at a popular cockatoo rescue, also experiences issues with self-mutilation of his chest.  He's done it for years.  We were informed that Max had tried several styles of bird collars and for one reason or another, he either didn't tolerate the styles because they were difficult to eat in or they didn't prevent him from injuring himself.  Granted, avian vets report that finding a bird collar that the bird tolerates and that works is a trial and error process.  But, once Max was fitted with the UnRuffledRx Parrot Poncho, his caretakers reported improvements.  They followed the directions and trimmed the perimeter to fit so that Max could eat and climb about his cage.  The caretakers reported that they were especially fond of the cowel neck that could be cinched with a leather tie. These repeat customers have been happy with Max's progress.    


Parrot Collar

Akira is a lower body plucker.  Just look at her legs!  Her guardian responsibly ruled out medical issues and tried stiff plastic collars, but found that they made Akira lethargic.  Then she stumbled upon the UnRuffledRx Soft Bird Collar with Velcro Closure.  Five layers of thick fleece not only kept Akira warm, but the frills gave her something to preen, besides herself. 


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