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You earn spend it!

Rewards made easy!

Three ways to earn:
1. For a store every $1 you spend, you earn 5 point. It is really that easy!

2. Give $10, get $10. Send a referral link to a friend...they get $10 once they create an account and once their order is place, you get $10. It is really that easy!
3. Spend & engage more to reach new savings milestones.  Quickly get VIP status and help ensure your pet's health for the long-haul!
    Just make sure you are logged into your account when you make your purchases. You can always log in to check your rewards balance by clicking on the Bird Bucks Widget on our home page (bottom left) or clicking "Store Credit" on your account page. 

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  Rewards Program FAQ's

    Birdie Bucks is's Reward Program.  Members earn up to 5% back on every purchase, get exclusive discounts, can earn FREE shipping, and earn points on every purchase!

    The Birdie Bucks Rewards program is absolutely free! Squawk! Squawk!
    Just sign up for an account at checkout. Earn points with every purchase.  Get bonus points for actions like liking our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest accounts.  Get even more for posting an honest review, clear pictures, and adorable video's. Got a hatch day / adoption day coming up? Let us know and we'll feather your nest. Have a friend who is struggling with similar bird issues as you are? Refer them. Once they make a purchase, you'll get a reward.
    It's super simple.  Just click your Account and view your rewards.

    You'll have the option to apply your accumulated Birdie Bucks at checkout.  It's that easy.