Please note that you must create a store account, making sure to enter your email address and telephone number in order to qualify for store credits. You'll receive a reminder email with your loyalty card code for all qualifying purchases.

Please see the Loyalty Card Terms & Conditions here.

A loyalty card code is a code that is attached to your individual customer account, and on which customers can accumulate all store credit they receive (meaning, each customer has one code).

1. If you've created a store account on, you can check your store credit balance.  Please note that all credits expire in 1 year.

2.  Qualifying returns will be credited to your loyalty balance. Any returns with opened packing or signs of wear do not qualify for store credit.  We recommend that you keep your tracking number.  Most returns are processed within 48 hours of receipt and your tracking number is proof of your return.

2.  Place your qualifying purchase in your cart and proceed to checkout.

3.  Look for the "Apply Now" button to automatically use your earned loyalty credits.

Image of Apply Now button

4. If the order is returned to us for any reason, loyalty points will be voided.