Okay. Let's face it. You love your bird but you hate the bird seed moths! Pesky bird seed moths multiply worse than rabbits. They get everywhere!

In this blog post I'll tell you exactly how to get rid of your bird seed and pantry moth problem for good. At BirdSupplies.com we are committed to enhancing parrot wellness. And, that means, keeping their surroundings clean.

While pantry moths aren't dangerous or bad for your bird they multiply quickly and can get into your own food pantry. 

What causes pantry moths?

Pantry moths and flour moths live inside most grain-based food.  If you eat grain based food or you have grain based pet bird food in your home, you are at risk for a full blown pantry moth infestation.  It’s unlikely that you can avoid a flour moth from entering your home, even if you buy the freshest bird food available.

How do you get rid of pantry moths in bird seed?


If you see one pantry moth flying around your bird room you’ve probably got a minor pantry flour moth infestation. 

This particular pantry moth has moved from the egg stage, through the larvae and pupae stages to an adult. Now it is ready to lay more eggs.

Controlling a full blown pantry moth infestation is important because they multiply so fast. Each female adult pantry moth is capable of laying up to 400 eggs.  It is easy to imagine how quickly this crazy infestation can get out of hand.

If you’ve seen an adult pantry moth flying around your house or one that’s drowned in your bird’s water dish, start looking for the eggs, larvae and pupae.  Look for a sticky egg sac that looks like a grain of rice. They’re often found in corners and crevices.

Pantry Moths
  1. Grab a ladder and a flashlight.
  2. Make a mix of half hot soapy water and half white vinegar to wipe the eggs and larvae.  Add a few drops of peppermint oil to the mixture to prevent A future pantry moth infestation.
  3. Look in high corners near the ceiling and crevices in your home.  
  4. Also check underneath shelves. Look in any area that a moth might think an egg sack could be protected.
  5.  replace the shelf liner since the moths may have laid eggs underneath it. 
  6. Destroy every egg or larvae that you find.
  7. Thoroughly wash all food containers and throw away all affected food items. 
  8. Place sticky pantry moth traps in the affected area. These sticky traps attract adult pantry moths, eliminating the possibility that they can lay eggs all over your house.
  9. If the moths have gotten into your food pantry follow the above cleaning instructions. Then, wait about a week before replacing the food in your pantry. 

What is the fastest way to get rid of pantry moths?

Fastest way to get rid of pantry moths is to destroy all egg sacs, larvae, and pupae.  If you don't kill the egg sacs, the larvae, the pupae, and the adult pantry moth, you'll never get rid of the problem.

Once you’ve  killed  all of the adult moths, egg sacs, and pupae  you've temporarily interrupted the fast reproduction process.  Now, going forward, let's stop the infestation or good!

Anytime that you bring a grain based product into your home, especially bird seed, which is not as tightly regulated as human food is, freeze it! Freezing it for a week kills any eggs present in the grains before they have a chance hatch.

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