Eclectus Food: What To Feed An Eclectus Parrot

Bird Food: Feeding an Eclectus Parrot Well

Eclectus Food
Eclectus parrots need special Eclectus Food.  Don't make the mistake of feeding your Eclectus Parrot the same food that you feed an African Grey Parrot or an Amazon Parrot.  Eclectus Parrots have special dietary requirements and need specialty Eclectus Food. With a longer digestive tract  Eclectus parrots overdose on food dyes, vitamins and minerals resulting in feather picking and destruction, toe tapping & behaviors such as screaming & aggression. 

Eclectus parrot

The recommended Eclectus Food should be at least an 80% Eclectus Specialty Food & 20% everything else including treats, seed & pellet.

  1. Eclectus food supplements should contain fresh, seasonal fruits or frozen fruit that has been thawed. Ideally, pesticide free organic fruit is best, but if you can't find it, thoroughly was the residue off.  Eclectus parrots do well with grapes, mangoes, apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon and papaya.
  2. Eclectus food needs to contain some dark, leafy, green vegetables such as kale, spinach, carrot tops, dandelion greens and Swiss chard. Again, wash well to remove pesticides.
  3. .Eclectus Parrots require food rich in vitamin A and should be fed vegetables with beta carotene, such as cooked carrots and sweet potatoes. Feed the eclectus parrot vegetables such as corn, green beans and peas, too.
  4. Eclectus parrots have unusually long digestive tracts and they require fiber in the daily diet.  Legumes such as lentils and soy beans provide important fiber as does brown rice and other whole grains.
  5. Specialty Eclectus food that contains seeds and nuts each day. Volkman Eclectus Food is an excellent choice. Fresh Organic Sprouts are the best kind of seeds to offer because they are filled with important nutrients. Nuts contain fat, another important food item for parrots, but can also be offered as an occasional treat.
  6. Eclectus parrots enjoy some healthy table food, too.  Scrambled eggs, cooked rice and beans are fine as long as they don't contain a lot of salt. Offer it high-quality Harrison's Bird Food on occasion to supplement fresh foods.

Eclectus Food Pyramid

Eclectus food pyramid

Feed your bird an organic premium pellet void of vitamins, preservatives and synthetic additives. Harrison's Bird Food is highly recommended. This should be a large portion of your birds diet. Next, feed a chop of sprouts, green, red and orange vegetables, nutritious fruits and finally offer minimal seeds.  It is actually best to sprout seeds.  By feeding your parrot healthy eclectus food, you'll notice less feather picking and other health problems.

Feed specialty Eclectus Food for your pet's optimium health.  


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