Crazy Corn Bird Food

Crazy Corn Bird Food

Crazy Corn Bird Food

Judy K, the owner of Crazy Corn Bird Food, states that her goal with her bird food blends is to enhance the quality of life for both birds and their people. And, she does it at a cost less than bird seed because Crazy Corn Bird Food expands as it is cooked. Bird seeds, on the other hand, are 50 to 75% hull waste. Plus, bird seed is nutritionally similar to white rice, almost devoid of most vitamins.

You wouldn't feed your kids only white rice because it has minimal nutritional value. Likewise, parrots can not be healthy on an only a bird seed diet.

Why not feed your parrot something that it loves.  Warm, moist bird food made from a variety of nutritionally rich ingredients is similar to what wild parrot feed their youth. 

The results of feeding Crazy Corn Bird will be evident. It's superior nurturing nutrition helps your bird both physically & emotionally. After all, a wel-nourished bird feels better and is happier. 

Crazy Corn has 100's of testimonials on file! Crazy Corn Bird Food is a great choice for people who love their parrots. Crazy Corn makes it easy for you to feed the healthy varied table food diet that avian experts advise. Just boil a big batch of Crazy Corn every few months and freeze 3 day portions in Ziplock Baggies Keep a 3 day supply of Crazy Corn handy in fridge, warm it in the microwave & serve up in seconds. Or, buy frozen mixed vegetables in several varieties.

Boil up a batch of Crazy Corn Bird Food. Let it cool and stir in a family sized bag of frozen mixed vegetables. Place in the freezer in a gallon sized zip lock bag. Microwave a meal sized portion for your parrot each day. Vary the flavor of Crazy Corn Bird Food and use a variety of mixed vegetables such as Italian, fiesta blend, Asian blend, or others. Over the next few months observe your parrots plumage become brighter, skin condition become healthier, eyes become brighter and disposition become happier. These are signs of a healthy, nourished parrot.


Stir heated Crazy Corn Bird Food and test temperature to avoid hot spots before serving to your parrot.

All unprocessed, preservative free natural grains attract flour moths.  Please freeze the bag of Crazy Corn Bird Food for 24 hrs. upon receipt.

Compare the Crazy Corn Bird Food HAND-PACKED ingredients to other cooked diets and you'll know why birds are crazy about this cooked bird food!

  • Packed with dried banana chips, shelled pistachio nuts, vitamin A rich red chili's
  • Whole cinnamon sticks and black chili pods.
  • Premium human grade fruits, vegetables, pastas, beans, brown rice, nuts, and herbs chosen for their nutritional qualities.
  • UNsulfited fruit & vegetable chunks,
  • 7 kinds of beans, 5 pastas, 4 kinds of peppers. 
  • Ethoxyquin free, NO dyed pasta, NO flavorings, NO colorings, and NOBHA or BHT.
  • ALL NATURAL (except for 2 vitamins in human pastas)!

Get some Crazy Corn Bird Food today!


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