Bird Training Videos Online : What to Look For

Bird Training Videos Online

There is an abundance of bird training videos online. Bird Training, whether, for bird tricks or waned behavior, help your bird know what you want, and they should help you understand your bird. When you spend time training your bird, you'll both be rewarded with a closer bond, improved comunication and a better understanding of each other. Not all bird training programs are the same. Compare bird training videos online before you purchase expensive programs. And, watch all video's, looking for positive, proven techniques before implementing them. 

Birds are smart and sensitive. They need consistently positive and rewarding interactions to maintain trust. Aggressive behavior on your part, scolding, or anything construed as punishing will only make your bird fear you.  Keep bird training sessions positive.  Use a "Clicker" to mark the exact behavior that you want repeated and stop the training session, on a positive note, when your bird shows signs of fatique.  Consider using a bird training perch, clickers and favored treats to make the sessions as rewarding as possible.

YouTube has an Abundance of Bird Training Videos Online

Lots of bird training videos in the past and present have discussed positioning yourself as a flock leader. Some bird training videos even endorse man-handling your bird.  Sadly, this often backfires by creating fear and a lack of trust on the birds part.  Birds can literally fight or flight the situation.

Bird training videos online that endorse positive reinforcement and  "coaching your bird" regarding how to behave, while  always being a loving leader. Browse our bird training resources that are not only scientifically proven, but designed for everyday life with a treasured pet.


The above three bird training videos online that were found on YouTube and they show the proper way to train a bird.


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