Acrylic Bird Carriers: Compare Wingabago vs. Crystal Flight

Acrylic Bird Carriers: Two Popular Models

comparing acrylic bird carriers.


Wingabago Bird Carriers

Crystal Flight Bird Carriers

Perch and Go Bird Carriers

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5 Star

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Generally available for fast delivery. Occasional delivery delays. 

 Usually ships within 24-48 hrs.


Generally ships within 48 hrs.


Wingabago Bird Carriers are available in two sizes

Empty Wt.
12" L x 12" W x 17"H
6 lb.


15" Lx 15" W x 22"H
10 lb.

Crystal Flight Bird Carriers come in 4 sizes

Empty Wt.
CS1 15" x 10" x 8"
4.5 lb.
CS2 15" x 10" x 10"
5.5 lb.
CS3 19" x 10" x 13"
8 lb.
CS4 34" x 10" x 13"
13 lb.

Perch and Go Bird Carriers come in one size.:

Size: 10" x 12" x 15"

Weight: 6.5 lb.



$189.99 +

Variable, depending on size; $109.99 - $229.99



Fair with standard door; Excellent with wire door; Wingabago Bird Carriers have specially designed ventilation holes to deter parrots from chewing the plastic around the ventilation holes. Never leave in direct sunlight. 

LOTS of specially designed ventilation holes to deter chewing. o not leave bird unattended in sunlight at solar heat can build up quickly.

This bird carrier has SUPERIOR ventilation. Stock stainless steel doors on front and back of bird carrier.


Standard 10 oz. Stainless Bowls attach to door,

OPTIONAL bowls attach to ventilation holes

OPTIONAL bowls can be attached to door.





Durability: Please note that most acrylics crack or break upon high impact,

Do Not Drop

Do Not Drop

Do Not Drop

Manufacturing Materials

Food industry grade, impact resistant, plastic,

 Cell cast acrylic

High impact resistant polycarbonate; Standard Stainless Steel Doors on front and & back; bird safe



Wingabago Bird Carriers allow parrots to perch in a natural, upright position.

Lightweight. Regular Wingabago Bird Carriers weigh 5 lb.

Very easy to clean.

Impact and chew resistant bird carrier

Wingabago Bird Carriers minimize parrots stress during travel due to clear, see through materials

Variable sized bird perches are available, Cotton bird perches are optional

Numerous options allow you to use Wingabago Bird Carriers for many applications including sleep cage, hospital cage, feeding cage, travel cage

Ventilation holes are appropriately sized to eliminate parrots chewing larger holes

Wingabago Bird Carrier are very versatile bird carrier with wire door option

Crystal Flight is the most stable bird carrier manufacturer around so you can count on bird carrier availability.

Crystal Flight Bird Carries come in 4 sizes & are the only high quality bird carrier manufacturer that we've found that offers a macaw sized carrier.

Specialty lightweight yet durable large bird carriers for macaws and cockatoos

Shoulder straps allow for hands free parrot transport.

Perch and Go Bird Carriers allow parrots to perch in a natural, upright position


Easy to clean

Standard unparallel ventilation due to stock stainless steel panels on front and back


Stock cage top perch & easy grip perch

Very affordable



Dowel perch

Screws may come loose during long trips


We've never had a complaint on these high end acrylic bird carriers.

Difficult to assemble & un assemble.

Only one size at this time.

Text us if you have questions about acrylic bird carriers.


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