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We know parrot feather plucking. In fact, we wrote the book on it.
At BirdSupplies.com, I know that parrot feather plucking can be managed. Whether the feather plucking is behavioral or medical, parrot feather plucking treatment works with a multi-pronged approach. Vets recommend bird collars, improving parrot husbandry practices, ramping up parrot enrichment and developing individualized behavior modification plans to help stop feather plucking.  I’m obsessively passionate about parrots, and my mission is to help people help their parrots. I’m excited to end parrot feather plucking treatment with my products, my parrot plucking educational content and my community.
Parrot feather plucking help


How BirdSupplies.com came to specialize in parrot feather plucking help

Diane Burroughs had always been a lover of all animals. As a child, she'd bring in unwanted dogs and cats or rescue strays and giving them a loving home.This love took on a new direction and passion when she discovered the personalities of parrots.Thus in 1998, BirdSupplies.comwas hatched.    

Her passion for parrots and her training as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, led Burroughs to work on common parrot problems.  Over time, Diane realized that one problem that a lot of parrot owners were dealing with was feather plucking.  And, that is when UnRuffledRx Bird Collars was developed. 


 Peachy, pictured above, is a 22-year-old male Moluccan Cockatoo, who was instrumental in this work. He went through a serious fungal infection that resulted in him plucking feathers out Burroughs helped Peachy leave his parrot plucking habits behind, and Diane learned a lot in the recovery process.With the help of her avian veterinarian, she developed a thorough understanding of parrot feather plucking and ended up creating UnRuffledRx Bird Collars.  


Desperate parrot owners who are seeing parrot feather plucking for the first time often hear that the plucking is "behavioral."  Our mission at BirdSupplies.com is to offer parrot feather plucking treatment for the four main strategies to get the problem under control.  

Thankfully, there are a variety of wonderful bird collars to keep your bird  from picking his chest feathers. The Recovery Collar is a very common recommendation by vets. These collars look like their namesake - cone-shaped collars (with the cone cut off) like the ruffled collars worn in Queen Elizabeth's England. These collars are typically worn with the cone pointing away from the chest. They create a barrier between the bird's beak and chest and prevent feather plucking. 

This handsome parrot is Peachy. He's checking out the Colorado scenery riding shot-gun in the front seat.  Send us pictures of your parrot doing something cute or using our supplies so we can add it to our gallery! 

Peachy guided us to parrot feather plucking hlep

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