NatraPet Bird Bath Spray with Preening Oil, 8 oz.

  • Overview

    NatraPet Bird Bath Spray

    Relieve scratching parrot concerns 
    • All-natural herbal Ingredients
    • Preening oils relieve dry, itchy skin
    • When sprayed directly on preening gland may relieve irritation and encourage natural preening behaviors
    • Rejuvenates skin and feathers
    • Safe for daily use

    Beautify your bird's plumage with this all-natural Bird Bath Spray. This birdbath spray contains Aloe Vera and Purcellin oil, the natural preening gland oil that birds have to condition feathers. It will leave your bird with softer feathers and healthier skin. Fortified with Vitamins A, D, and E for skin health and purcellin oil to cleanse the oil sac, moisturize the skin and tighten feathers.

    It contains no alcohol, detergents or harmful chemicals. Excellent for birds with feather disorders and helps relieve dry, itchy skin, removes scales and prevents excessive molting. For daily use. Made in the USA.

    NatraPet Bird Bath Spray was developed for parrots with feather disorders or dry, itchy skin. It improves foot skin health and prevents excessive molting.

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    How to Use NatraPet Bird Bath Spray

    Bird Bath Directions: For best results, use NatraPet Bird Bath daily.  Cover your bird's eyes and nares (beak & nostrils) and use in a draft free location.  Spray 6 to 8 inches from your bird and until feathers are wet, especially focusing near tip of tail.  Keep your bird in a draft free area until it is dry.

    Bird Bath Ingredients: Purified Water, PPG-33 Buteth-45, Cetearyloctanoate (Purcellin Oil), Isopropyl Myristate, Benzalkonium Chloride, PEG-75, Lanolin Fragrance, Vitamins A, D, and E, Wheat Germ Oil, Quantree, Aloe, and Botanically Derived Essence.

    This item is unavailable to ship to Australia or New Zealand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Fit: Too Small
Quality: Good
Buddy likes it

Happy so far with product

Quality: Good
Great for all my bird babies

Very good, love the product

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Bird Bath

Fast service! Just started using it and so far it has seemed to give my birdie some relief from itchy skin. Would buy from supplier again.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
the service was excellent

your response was terrific

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Very effective and soothing preening spray

My Blue Crown Conure Kiku has developed an issue where he is plucking his leg feathers. He's had numerous vet visits and while they're trying hard to figure out what the issue they really don't know why this happens.

One of the things I tried was a home made spray of water and Apple Cider Vinegar, and the vet (who's great) said it was ok to do. It worked ok, but I was worried that it wasn't soothing in any way. I also tried Aloe gel, but it was hard to apply and Kiku didn't seem to like it.

Searching for something that would be lubricating and soothing I found this and it's great. Giving him a spray stops him plucking for a while, though it hasn't been a cure. Kiku seems to like it and it has a pleasant aroma.

Interestingly, when I told the vet, who has a number of her own birds, that I had gotten him a preening spray, she wanted to know exactly which one. When I showed her a picture of the bottle she said "Oh, that's the one I have for my birds. It's great", which made me feel good!

One other note: I ordered on a Friday and texted to find out when it would ship. I received a prompt response and was told it would ship on Monday, which was reasonable. However, on Saturday I received an email saying my order had shipped and in fact it arrived on Monday! Much quicker than expected and very much appreciated.