Feather Plucking Rescue Pack for All Birds by BirdSupplies.com

✔ Perfect for all molting, plucking, and scratching birds

 Helps maintain optimum feather health and supports skin-related issues from allergies, dry skin, and plucking.

  Provides essential fatty acids to nourish dry skin.

  Alleviates anxiety. Feather plucking in birds, akinto nail-biting, can be a sign of anxiety.


    Does your pet bird seem to pluck their own feathers?

    If so, you're not alone. Many bird owners experience this difficult challenge, which can be caused by a number of physical or mental health issues. To make the matter easier, we offer a Feather Plucking Rescue Pack to provide you with an affordable way to take care of your feathered companion.

    Combining four high-quality products, our Rescue Pack works to identify and address the underlying causes of feather plucking while improving your pet's physical and mental health. Let us take away your worry and put your bird back on the path to a healthy and contented life.

    Get your Feather Plucking Rescue Pack today, and provide the perfect care for your feathered friend!

    Help your pet bird thrive with the Feather Plucking Rescue Pack - available now!

    Here's what is in the bundle

    • Parrot Calming Formula, 4 oz. Anxious birds are prone to pluck.  Our exotic pets can feel overwhelmed when they don't get their physical and emotional needs met. Help your bird feel at ease by using our non-sedating, water-soluble, tasteless formula that uses the active ingredients in green tea.

    • FeatheredUp! 90 gm., Is your bird a picky eater? Poor nutrition is the leading cause of illness in parrots. FeatheredUp! will boost your bird’s nutrition for less pain, better feather health, and smoother body systems. Support feather plucking from the inside out!

    • Aloe Vera Spray, 8 oz. Our All Natural Soothing Aloe Vera Spray relieves dry, itchy skin, deeply cleanses inflamed feather follicles, and leaves feathers softer than ever.

    • Red Palm Oil, 4oz. Our tropical birds’ feathers are a crucial part of their lives. In order for their body to actually produce vibrant, colorful feathers, they need soft skin and a healthy heart. Red palm oil is packed with beneficial beta-carotenes and essential fatty acids to support these body systems.

    Stop the suffering. Get the Feather Plucking Rescue Kit now.

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25 years helping birds

Helping birds for 25 years


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Premium Natural Ingredients

Premium Natural Ingredients

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Quality Tested

Quality Tested

This bundle was blended, packaged, and / or bottled in the USA from globally sourced ingredients.

This bundle was developed to support feather plucking and molting birds. It supports important nutritional needs for growing healthy feathers, a skin conditioning spray, and a specially formulated bird calming formula. Any molting or plucking bird will benefit from this bundle. Please follow the dosing instructions.

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