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Feather Plucking Rescue Pack


    Tired of your pet bird plucking its feathers? Try the UnRuffledRx Feather Plucking Rescue Pack. It includes our bestselling bird vitamins, skin health supplements, and the perfect support pack for plucking birds.

    This Feather Growth Pack Has It All.

    • Parrot Calming Formula, 4 oz. Bird anxiety is a common factor in feather-damaging behavior. Calm your anxious bird with our natural supplements that have no drowsy side effects.

    • FeatheredUp! 90 gm., Birds need nutritional support to grow new feathers. Feather growth is very taxing on the body. Our feather growth formula provides important vitamins to help your bird grow healthy, vibrant feathers fast.

    • Aloe Vera Spray, 8 oz. Our natural Aloe Vera Spray not only soothes dry, irritated skin but also cleans inflamed feather follicles and supports beautiful feather growth.

    • Red Palm Oil, 8oz. Tropical birds' feathers are a critical part of their lives. In order for their body to actually produce vibrant, colorful feathers, they need soft skin and a healthy heart. Red palm oil is packed with beneficial beta-carotenes and essential oils to support these body systems.

    Feather Plucking? Get Rid of It Now

    Plucking is complicated, and there are many contributing factors. Curb your bird's destructive habit with products designed to address the most common contributors.

    Stress & Feather Plucking

    Take care of the key nutritional needs for your exotic pet, including maintaining a calm temperament, healthy joints and vibrant, healthy feather growth. This is where our Parrot Calming Formula, FeatherdUp! and Red Palm Oil come in.

    Nutrition & Feather Plucking

    Poor nutrition is the leading cause of illness in parrots. This is due to feeding unhealthy seeds or processed pellets and improper education about caring for these beautiful exotic pets that come from rainforests and jungles. Our mission is to help parrots THRIVE, not just survive. FeatheredUp! is loaded with essential nutrients that your bird needs to thrive and grow beautiful feathers.

    Skin Health & Feather Plucking

    Birds live in moist environments. But for our pets, our homes can cause their skin to become dry and itchy... a contributing factor to bird feather plucking. So let's get started by helping support bird skin health with nutritious Red Palm Oil and soothing Aloe Vera Spray.



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