UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Bundle

Anxiety affects many birds. For many birds, anxiety becomes problematic and interferes with the quality of their lives. Sometimes it's caused by a traumatic experience and other times nutritionally related. It can even be related to never learning natural parrot behaviors that result in a hyper-alert state of mind.  But most commonly, it's a combination of factors.

We're proud to offer a little bird's secret to a happier mood.  Parrot Calming Formula. L-Theanine is the superstar of our signature blend. It's an important form of magnesium for the brain that supports "feel-good" neurotransmitter production. And, GABA is believed to play a major role in controlling stress, anxiety, and fear.

UnRuffledRx Bird Calming Tea contains bird-safe, calming herbs that synergistically work together to promote calm behavior in birds. And, Hemp Seed has numerous supportive properties, including supporting mood.

Find their calm with us.  Order today.

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Helping birds for 25 years


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Premium Natural Ingredients

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