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UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Bundle

✔ Safely keep your bird calm with our natural and healthy bundle that relieves your bird's nervous disposition.

 Choose the bird calming supplement that works best on any given day, whether it be tasty hemp seeds, adaptogen herbs, or our water-soluble supplement for all-day support.

 Combining calming relaxation and plant-based nutrition to help your bird be its best.

  Use daily to curb nervousness, aggression, plucking, and more.


    Anxiety affects many birds. For many birds, anxiety becomes problematic and interferes with the quality of their lives. And, yours! Sometimes it's caused by a traumatic experience and other times nutritionally related. It can even be related to being removed from mom and dad at a young age to be hand-fed. 

    We're proud to offer a little bird's secret to a happier mood. 

    • Parrot Calming Formula with L-Theanine, the same active ingredient found in green tea
    • Bird Calming Tea offers a variety of loose-leaf plant-based adaptogens that can be steeped into tea or served in a dish
    • Hemp Seed for Birds

    Find their calm with us. Order today.

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