Environmental Management for Parrot Wellness

Parrot Wellness Requires Meeting Your Parrots Needs

Parrots are exotic pets with similar needs to their wild cousins.  Their exotic nature is one of the reasons why parrot enthusiasts are so attracted to these beautiful creatures.  Ensuring Parrot Environmental Wellness helps your parrot both physically and mentally.  

While each species is unique, parrots tend to be from equatorial regions of the world.  This means that their bodies are adapted to a rather stable set of circumstances such as:

  • Relatively stable photoperiods of daylight versus night-time darkness. Bird lights help you regulate your parrot's lighting needs and promote healthy sleep patterns.
  • Rainforest temperatures and humidity levels. Heating perches and a humidifier or frequent bathing helps your parrot maintain a comfortable body temperature and feather condition. Dry feathers become brittle and dry skin becomes itchy.
  • Prey Animal: Parrots, like all birds, are low on the food chain so they must constantly be alert for danger.  Keep your bird's environment as calm as possible.  Of course, a well-socialized bird will tolerate new experiences better.  If your bird is anxious, be sure to keep it's living area relatively stress free.
  • Exercise Opportunities:  Wild parrots fly hundreds of miles a day and forage for novel food supplies.  Offer the largest cage you can afford, paying attention to bar space.  Provide a play stand and  multitude of foraging toys. Consider making your parrot work to find and retrieve its food and teach your bird tricks for physical and emotional wellness.
  • Keep the birds environment clean. Parrots are messy eaters and messy in their cage.  Keep the cage and cage accessories clean so as to reduce fungal and bacterial infections.

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Environmental Management for Parrot Wellness

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