Parrot Tube Collar in Assorted Styles

Parrot Tube Collar for Aggressive Feather Pluckers

Think of Tube Collars as restricting neck movement so that your parrot can not reach as many parts of it's body.  While your parrot can move about the cage and engage in most of it's usual daily activities, these collars restrict access to it's feathers.  

When shopping for a Tube Collar, consider how much of the body your parrot needs to have restricted access to.  

The level of restrictiveness is related to two things:

Height of collar - The taller the collar, the harder it is to access the body.

Stiffness - Soft collars are more comfortable and a great place to start if your bird is not used to wearing feather plucking apparel.  They are not as restrictive.  Stiff collars do not bend as easily and are much more restrictive.  

Here are a few scenarios to help you decide:

  1. Your bird just started plucking one area of it's body.  A habit has not formed yet, you just want to nip the problem in the bud.  A soft collar may be a better choice.  Consider treating the lesion or area that is being plucked with No Pick Spray or other skin soothing treatment.
  2. Your long-time plucker is getting more severe, maybe even digging into it's skin with self-mutilation tendencies.  You're worried about it's health welfare.  Choose a taller, stiffer Tube Collar.  Consider combining the tube collar with an e-collar for parrots.


Parrot Tube Collar in Assorted Styles

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