Celltei Pak-O-Bird, Large Cockatoo Bird Carriers, Stainless Steel Mesh

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    Large Cockatoo Bird Carriers : 15" L x 12" W x 28" H

    Weight: 4 lb. 15 oz.

    • Sized for Moluccan Cockatoo's
    • Innovative lightweight carriers for travel with Cockatoos
    • Can be carried as a front pouch, backpack, or shoulder bag
    • Comes with a natural wood perch and two 5 oz. stainless steel cups

    Safely and comfortably take your Cockatoo parrot with you on your adventures with Celltei Pak-O-Bird Cockatoo Bird Carriers. Whether going on a hike, to the beach or a week-end get-away, the lightweight, sturdy Pak-O-Bird provides the means.

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    So versatile, you can wear as a front pouch, a backpack, shoulder bag, and even secure to your car's seat belt. This backpack style bird carrier is spacious, well-ventilated with stainless steel "screens" on three sides with a "skylight" on the back, and has D-rings on the support panels to hang soft bird toys. 

    You'll appreciate padded adjustment points that make wearing the carrier comfortable. Pak-O-Bird Carriers come with a dragon wood perch and two 5 oz. stainless steel cups for food and water. You can also insert a water bottle with tube reaching inside.  Easy to clean and stow away when you're done travelling. 

    All Pak-O-Bird Cockatoo Bird Carriers Include:

    A. The foldable bird carrier
    B. A pair of front or backpack straps
    C. A shoulder strap
    D. A pair of support panels
    E. A roof support bar (medium size only)
    F. Two 5 oz. stainless steel cups
    G. One dragon wood perch
    H. A base support bar (medium size only) 


    Cockatoo Bird Carriers, Backpack Style for transit, car travel, hikes, daily outings and more!

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