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Moleskin Adhesive Velcro Support


    ✔ Reinforce the velcro closure on bird cone collars
    ✔ Fortify the chest panel on the Kevlar Vest
    ✔ Soft & comfortable for your pet
    ✔ Easy to apply and measure
    ✔ One 2 x 12 sheet per pack

    For those severe pluckers out there who go through their birds' collars like nobody's business, moleskin adhesive tape will save the day!

    Moleskin is an effective but inexpensive way to repair damaged velcro closures and  to protect the front of Beakguard Vests. It simply adds as soft layer of protection and it will save you money, time, and hassle!

    When you need to improve the durability of your bird's Velcro Closure Collar or BeakGuard Vest, there's no better solution than Moleskin Adhesive. We found that our customers get better results with this product.

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