Bird Collars for Neck, Feet, Legs & Vent Plucking

Feather plucking in birds

If you have a parrot chewing feet or neck areas, you know that protecting these areas is tough. it will be important to cover the neck and restrict neck movement.  Veterinary grade bubble collars are for the most severe of neck and feet chewers.  We offer a few styles of Neck Protector Bird Collars for parrots that chew their feet and necks.  

You'll find Parrot Poncho's that cover the neck area with both a knit cuff or thicker fleece cowl neck that can be cinched to fit with a veg-tan leather tie.  

We also have Neck Tube Collars.  These are fleece wrapped leather strips with a hook and loop closure. They are available in soft or stiff leather.  The stiffer the material, the more it restricts neck movement making it difficult for your bird to get at its feathers.

Parrot Chewing Feet & Leg Protectors 

Parrots that bite their feet can be difficult to manage since keeping a bird from it's feet requires movement and access to feet to be restricted. This level of restrictiveness may affect play, ordinary scratching, and eating. Bird collar specs that increase "restrictiveness" are either stiff or thick. 

Manage Parrot Chewing Feet Problems

Find out what is causing the bird to chew its feet until they bleed.  Take your bird to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.  Common causative factors include:

  • Occasional seasonal hormone surges
  • Dry skin
  • Mites
  • Fungal or bacterial infection
  • Allergies or exposure to chemicals on surfaces that the bird may perch on
  • A wound that got infected

Finding the right bird collar for either of these problems may require some experimentation and innovation.

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      Bird Collar Barriers are an important part of solving feather plucking in parrots.

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