Parrot Hoodie for Birds

Size Guide
  • Overview

    • Dress your feather plucking parrot in a warm and cozy Hoodie.
    • Made from super soft, sweatshirt style knit that comforts and warms your pet.
    • This Hoodie easily slips over your bird’s head and features Velcro closures around the wings.
    • NOTE: This Parrot Hoodie is for mild pluckers that hand-tamed birds that are used to being handled.

    Whether you want to dress your parrot up, protect a mild feather plucker or keep a feather plucking parrot warm, these comfy Parrot Hoodies are a natural choice.  This Parrot Hoodie is easy to put on.  Simply slip it over your parrots head and secure the Velcro closure around the wings.  


    African Grey (Congo) X-Wide
    African Grey (Timneh) Wide
    Amazon X-Wide
    Amazon (Lilac Crowned) Wide Plus
    Amazon (Panama) Wide Plus
    Amazon (Yellow Naped) X-Wide
    Bourke Parakeet X-Small
    Budgie (American) Petite
    Budgie (English) X-Small
    Caique Medium
    Cameron (African Grey) X-Wide Plus
    Cockatiel (larger with girth = 6.5") Medium
    Cockatiel (small to average with girth = 6.25" plus babies < size months) Small
    Cockatiel (from Australia) Small
    Cockatoo (Bare Eyed) Wide Plus
    Cockatoo (Citron) X-Wide
    Cockatoo (Ducorps) Wide Plus
    Cockatoo (Eleonora) X-Large
    Cockatoo (Goffin) Wide
    Cockatoo (Greater Sulphur Crested) Jumbo
    Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested) X-Wide
    Cockatoo (Medium Sulphur Crested) X-Large
    Cockatoo (Moluccan) Jumbo
    Cockatoo (Rose Breasted - Gelah) Wide Plus
    Cockatoo (Triton) Jumbo
    Cockatoo (Umbrella) X-Large
    Conure (Black-Capped) Small
    Conure (Blue Crown) Large
    Conure (Crimson Bellied) Jr Small
    Conure (Dusky) Small
    Conure (Fiery Shouldered) X-Small
    Conure (Golden) Wide
    Conure (Green Cheek – smaller with a girth of approx. 5.5") X-Small Plus
    Conure (Green Cheek – average with a girth of approx. 6") Jr Small
    Conure (Half-Moon) Small
    Conure (Jenday) Small
    Conure (Maroon Bellied) Jr Small
    Conure (Mitered) Large
    Conure (Nanday) Large
    Conure (Patagonian) Large
    Conure (Pineapple) Jr. Small
    Conure (Sun) Medium
    Conure (White Eyed) Medium
    Crow Wide Plus
    Dove (Ring Neck, smaller) Large
    Dove (Ring Neck, larger) Wide
    Eclectus (Grand) X-Wide Long
    Eclectus (Red Sided) X-Wide Plus
    Eclectus (Solomon Island) X-Wide
    Eclectus (Vos Maeri) X-Wide Long
    Indian Ring Neck Large
    Jardine Large
    Lorie (Rainbow) Large
    Lorie (Smaller) Medium
    Lorikeet, Rainbow (Australian) Medium
    Lorikeet, Red Collar (Australian) Medium
    Lorikeet, Scaly (Australian) Small
    Lovebird (Most) X-Small
    Lovebird (Smaller) Petite
    Macaw (Blue & Gold) Mammoth
    Macaw (Blue & Gold - Larger) Colossal
    Macaw (Green Wing) Colossal
    Macaw (Hahns) Large
    Macaw (Hyacinth) Colossal
    Macaw (Illigers) Wide
    Macaw (Military) Mammoth
    Macaw (Red Headed) Large
    Macaw (Scarlet) Mammoth
    Macaw (Severe) Wide Plus
    Macaw (Yellow Collared) Large
    Parakeet (Alexandrine) Large
    Parakeet (American) Petite
    Parakeet (Canary-Winged or BB) X-Small Plus
    Parakeet (Lineolated) X-Small
    Parakeet (Moustache) Large
    Parrot (Australian King) Wide
    Parrot (Hawk-Headed) Large
    Parrot (Myers) Small
    Parrot (Red Bellied) Small
    Parrotlet Petite
    Pigeon See Avian Fashions
    Pionus Large
    Pionus (Maxmillian) Large
    Quaker Medium
    Senegal (African) Small
    Starling Jr Small

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fit: Just Right
Quality: Good

Don't think it needs beads, they r chewed off and fear choking. Heavier mayetial would be great for beaks. Otherwise, great.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Super Cute

Well made and seems to be comfy & cozy for my Dino.

Fit: Too Large
Quality: Great

Very cute and easy to put on. A little to big but thay was my fault for ordering wrong size.