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The Feather Plucking Birds Workbook


    Need to learn what is causing your bird to feather pluck or how you can lessen its destructive effects so that your bird can grow pretty feathers back? This ebook is just what you need!

    Are you looking for science-backed strategies that will offer long-term results once and for all?

    Feather plucking can be difficult to deal with as an owner. However, there are many ways to help your bird stop this habit. The Feather Plucking Remedies For Birds Workbook: Parrot Feather Plucking And What To Do About It by Diane C. Burroughs, LCSW offers an innovative, behavioral approach to helping your bird say goodbye to feather plucking and hello to beautiful feathers.

    If your bird has been diagnosed with this condition, you're not alone. In fact, there are millions of people who have experienced the same thing. And while the condition can be tough to deal with, it's not a hopeless case! 

    Feather plucking is a serious issue for birds.  It can happen without warning and what triggers it isn't always clear. You need to know how it can happen and what causes it.

    Our book will share both beginner and more advanced techniques, helping you expand your birds behavior knowledge and find safe, effective solutions for your bird's unhealthy problem.

    What you'll learn from this eBook:

    👉 How to improve your exotic pet's health and well-being to help it thrive

    👉 Common medical reasons behind feather plucking 

    👉 How to use science-backed behavior change methods to help your bird

    👉 This workbook will show you exactly how to create your own bird behavior plan

    👉 Use our printable worksheets to plan important strategies for long-term results

    Work at your own pace for steady gains.

     It's wonderful that there is so much information & knowledge to gain. We do have an excellent Avian Vet, but she is a 2 hour drive from our farm. Now, maybe we will be able to ask better questions on our next visit.

    This ebook is available for download as soon as you complete your purchase! Simply check your email and click the link. If you can't find it check your spam.

    Download the book to your desktop, tablet, or phone. You can also print it out.

    This book can be downloaded up to 3 times. The link expires in one month.

    Get the paperback version on Amazon Kindle.


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Where do you start?

When you're dealing with challenging bird behavior, it's hard to know where to turn. There's a lot of misinformation out there! Time is not on your side. Start using science-backed strategies early on for biting, screaming, feather plucking, hand-taming, and more!

A trusted bird Behaviorist

Diane Burroughs, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist, trained in ABA therapy, with 30+ years of intensive experience. She's written over 1,000 individualized behavior plans and worked alongside psychiatrists, avian veterinarian's and pharmacists to bring a diverse range of insight to your situation. Personable and supportive, you can trust Diane Burroughs, LCSW. Book your consultation today.

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