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Teach Your Bird To Forage eBook

Are you dealing with troublesome bird behavior like screaming, biting, and plucking? Bird boredom might be the culprit. Discover how to train your bird to find food with a technique called bird foraging.

We know foraging is a natural behavior for parrots. It enriches their daily lives, giving them activity and engagement with their environment. Furthermore, foraging makes them healthier, encouraging them to try new foods and stay fit.

In the wild, parrot parents teach their offspring how to hunt. But our pets never learn this skill until we, as pet owners, teach them. A bird that doesn’t know how to forage can become REALLY bored really fast – leading to all sorts of less-than-pleasant behavior!

Teach Your Bird To Forage ebook explains what bird foraging actually is and provides helpful tips on how you can teach your bird this important natural behavior! Plus, you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to make 8 affordable bird foraging projects that you can from ordinary household items.

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40 pages