Fun Max Psitta Puzzle Bird Training Toy

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    Bird Training Toys Enrich Your Parrots Mind

    Sizes:  Small 2.5" x 4"; Medium 5" x 7 3/4", 
    Advanced (Level 3) Parrot Prop: Teach the following skills: Colors, Object placement, Counting
    Brand: Fun Max
    Complete Instructions Included 
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    Psitta Puzzle Bird TrainingToy is a Level 3 bird trick will challenge your parrots mind to learn colors, identify shapes and develop beak dexterity. The Psitta Bird Puzzle pieces have pegs on them which allow your parrot to pick up shaped pieces with its beak. Use this innovative bird puzzle to teach your parrot to recognize and associate the different shapes. (Instructions included). Learn scientifically proven bird training techniques like Clicker Training for Birds to enhance and speed up bird training sessions. 

    How These Bird Training Toys Raise Your Parrots IQ

    The Psitta Puzzle Bird Training Toy instructions identify three increasingly complicated bird trick learning levels.  Build trick training sessions in a bird-friendly succession to make bird training a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your parrot. This bird puzzle progresses to higher-level thinking skills that require your parrot to retain knowledge and reflect on level one and two skills.

    This bird puzzle is a fun way to bond and interact with your parrot! And, just as important, you will provide your parrot with much needed intellectual stimulation and enrichment.  Parrots are among the smartest animals known to man.  Help your parrot realize the Einstein within!

    You will have peace of mind knowing that with bird trick training, you are actively providing essential mental and physical stimulation and helping to prevent boredom and the many associated neurotic behaviors that bird boredom causes.

    Check out our full range of bird puzzle toys. Stimulate your parrots' mind while creating a calmer, well-behaved parrot.

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