Self-Mutilation Combo

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    Medium weight fleece, heavy-duty thread, stiffener insert, Kevlar, industrial strength hook & loop.

    About This Collar Set:

    This stacked collar combo features our Kevlar Vest and our Fringy Cone Bird Collar. We've had a number of customers write in to tell us that this combo is the ideal setup for their bird. It's doubly protective, but not too heavy.

    UnRuffledRx Customer Reviews
    I was initially worried that it would be too hot for him, but that was before I saw and felt the vest. Houdini has taken to it quite well.  Thank you for these wonderful products!" 
    Toni T.

    This combo for bird self mutilation supports the protection of. 

    • The top & underside of the wings
    • The vent area
    • Feet & legs
    • Chest & back

    Putting The Collar On:

    This combination makes it doubly difficult for your self mutilating Houdini to remove (although we know how dexterous self mutilators are.)

    Some customers report that the Kevlar Vest creates a "Thundershirt" or weighted blanket effect to calm your bird's frayed nerves.

    These bird collars close with DuraGrip® industrial strength hook & loop that allows for a wide range of collar adjustments and a better fit.

    Persistent pluckers may be able to open the hook & loop. Reinforce the hook & loop by attaching duct take to the underside of the Fringy Cone or spraying the collars with King's No Chew Bitter Spray


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    Please know that birds that compulsively pluck or mutilate and those that have been plucking for few years may chew up or outwit a bird collar. Plan to support acceptance with patient training and a bitter-tasting spray.