Feather Protector Bird Vest Feather Plucking, Mild Picker

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  • Overview

    Bird Vest Feather Plucking

    • Bird vest for mild chest and back feather pluckers.
    • Back Velcro closure with elastic straps for over wings for easy attachment.
    • Lightweight with a soft liner to protect tender skin. 
    • For the mildest of pluckers

    The affordable Feather Protector Bird Vest Feather Plucking deters mild feather pickers from destroying feathers on their chest and back. With "fun to preen fringe on the front and a Velcro closure on the back, this easy to put on vest may stop minor pluckers from developing a progressive plucking habit. 

  • More Info

    The Feather Protector Bird Vest does NOT address the underlying causes of feather picking behavior. Therefore, it doesn't soothe irritated skin, resolve nutritional deficits or lower anxiety-induced feather plucking.  We recommend that you treat the underlying cause of feather plucking while the bird is wearing a bird collar or bird vest to protect feather regrowth. Consider using in combination with our Feather Plucking Rescue Pack.

    Ships to UK, Europe, Australia

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