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UnRuffledRx Bird Collars


It can be devastating when you find out that your precious bird is feather plucking. Not knowing how to help your feathered friend can feel like a nightmare.

That's where bird collars come in. Designed to interrupt feather plucking, these collars are made from stretchy fleece material and other safe materials for all types of birds.

With four different levels of severity (mild, moderate, severe, and self-mutilation), there's always something appropriate for whatever type of plucking pattern the bird shows - whether they're just starting or if it's become a regular thing.

Cone-shaped collars cover up most of the body and protect the chest and back.
Neck collars limit neck movement making it hard for your bird to reach vulnerable areas. Bird vests wrap around the torso to protect the neck and back and help swaddle your bird.

Are you a DYI seamstress? There are plenty of opportunities for you! Find bird collar patterns here with a booklet teaching how to stop a bird from plucking its feathers.

However, just because our collars block one outlet doesn't mean you're off the hook - we also recommend using scientifically backed long-term treatments. 

There are several options available! It is important to experiment with various methods like improving parrot wellness and applying positive reinforcement on a daily basis to really make use of these collars. 


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