UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Bundle

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    Bundle 3 Of Our Most Popular Parrot Calming Products & Save!

    Get UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Formula, UnRuffledRx Hemp Seed, and UnRuffledRx Calming Bird Herb Salad for Parrots for one low price. 

    Parrot Calming Formula's active ingredient can be mixed in water slow dosing your parrot with the green tea derivative, L-Theanine.  Loose-leaf Dried Herbs for Parrots contains 5 bird-safe, calming herbs that synergistically work together to promote calm behavior in birds. And, Hemp Seed has numerous supportive properties, including supporting mood.

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    Our UnRuffledRx Calming Bird Herb Salad is highly nutritional so please feed sparingly to Eclectus parrots. Learn how to introduce parrot supplements here.

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