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Featherbrite Bird Light - Full Day All Night

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  • Overview

    FeatherBrite Bird Lights Full Day and Night 

    NOW With 2 LED 6w, 5500K full spectrum bulbs!

    Featherbrite Bird Lights Dimensions: 10" x 11"

    • Mood and Health Enhancing Bird Light
    • Weight: Approx. 2 lb.
    • Mounts on Cage Top
    • Stainless Steel Wire Mount with Stainless Steel Guard Built-in Light Diffuser

    The FeatherBrite Bird Lights Full Day and Night Light is actually two bird lights in one! A full spectrum bird light for daily health and low-level night light to reduce "night frights"! This bird light is critical for parrots and pet birds that suffer "night fright" including baby parrots that easily fall off the perch at night. The LED blue moonlight calms birds at night.



  • More Info

    Featherbrite Bird Lights Fit Most Cages

    The FeatherBrite Bird Lights fit most bird cages while providing necessary health benefits for your pet bird. This lightweight bird light is easy to assemble and attach or remove from most dome top bird cages. This bird light attaches to virtually any birdcage top with a proprietary stainless steel cage attachment that holds the bird light at an appropriate distance from your bird. While in the cage, the safety wire extender helps keep the electrical cord away from the birdcage to keep your parrot safe from electric shock.

    Featherbrite Bird Lights

    We recommend that if your bird is outside of the birdcage, the bird light be UNPLUGGED & REMOVED to avoid electrical shock and burns. This Bird Light Kit includes: FeatherBrite 15w full spectrum bird light bulb Blue LED moonlight for night-time bird light to deter night frights Electric timer to set day bird light offering care-free bird light for caged birds. Operating the day and night features on this innovative bird light is easy. A switch on the top of the shade operates the daylight bulb while a button switch on the shade operates the moonlight bulb. There are two electrical cords. Both FeatherBrite Bird Lights for Parrots can be operated with an owner supplied timer. (timer not included)

    Please note: Anytime your bird is allowed to roam around electrical cords, it is in danger of experiencing an electrical burn. Always supervise your bird when it is outside of its birdcage. Your bird will be more territorial to cords that are near its birdcage so please be exceptionally careful to NEVER allow your bird to play outside of its cage when the bird light is plugged in. You and your pet's safety is our top priority. To prevent damage to the bird light bulb or electrical cord, ALWAYS remove and unplug the bird light from the top of your birdcage before your bird comes out to play. Please remove your bird from the cage area and allow it to play on a bird stand.

    We ship these bird lights within US Only.

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