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All Day All Night Full Spectrum Light for Birds by Featherbrite

✔ This light kit helps you optimize your bird's health with two-in-one lights

 Includes sturdy powder-coated fixture, two bulbs, electric cord extender, and cage-mount legs or swag hanging hardware

  On / off switches

  Made in the USA


    NOW With 9.5 watt Full-spectrum LED Bulb

    This Full Spectrum Light for Birds is for the birds! 

    FeatherBrite's All Day All Night Bird Cage Light provides your feathered friend with the UVA/ UVB light they need to thrive by day. And, for those birds with night frights, it offers a low-dose blue-violet light that provides a calming atmosphere so that their worries melt away. The energy-efficient bulb is only 9.5-watt full-spectrum LED bulb, producing a gentle, low, bird-safe, UV glow that may be used 24 hrs. a day.

    Whenitcomestobird lighting,there’snoneedtoquestion the results.

    As soon as the lamp is switched on, you will generally see the birds become more animated. Plan to provide your bird with lighting a minimum of 3 days a week for optimum results.

    This Full Spectrum Light for Birds is lightweight and easy to assemble. It can be attached to the cage with wire extenders to keep the light and cord at a safe distance  Or you can choose a swag option to hang it above the cage. The assembled light fixture measures 10.5 x 11 inches and 10 inches high with the legs. Choose from four non-toxic powder coat colors!

    For your bird's safety, always unplug the light fixture whenever your bird is outside of its cage.


    Ships direct from the manufacturer. NOT available for shipping outside of the USA. 

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