The UnRuffledRx Feather Plucking Rescue Pack

Developed to target common causes of feather plucking

    ✔ AVIAN ANXIETY & OCD: Parrot Calming Formula Safely keeps the edge off.
    ✔ SKIN DISCOMFORT: Soothe and moisturize with our Avian Specific Aloe Vera Spray.
    ✔ CONSTANT FEATHER REGROWTH: UnRuffledRx FeatheredUp! provides important amino acids and nutrients that kick-start luxurious feather growth.
    ✔ NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES: Two common avian nutritional deficiencies are Calcium and Vitamin A. African Grey parrots are prone to calcium deficiencies.  Vitamin A and Omegas is a common dietary deficiency in all parrot species.