Severity of Parrot Plucking

About the UnRuffledRx feather plucking bird collar

UnRuffledRx Feather Plucking Bird Collars were developed in partnership with avian veterinarian's to address the range of feather plucking behaviors, from a mild problem to a severe, life threatening compulsive disorder.

Your bird is already distressed enough and we understand that finding a bird collar that you feathered friend both tolerates and that prevents further damage requires some trial and error. That's why we work with you.


Choosing an UnRuffledRx Bird Collar

Use the visual below to determine your birds plucking level. A mild plucker will need a lightweight collar to serve as a diversion, while moderate to severe feather pluckers may need more restrictive collars. Thicker, stiffer collars restrict access to feathers and prevent further injury, but keep in mind that pluckers at this level will try harder to get the collar off. So combine a collar with behavior modification strategies and other changes. Please train your bird to accept the collar to lengthen its usability.

Feather plucking in birds


Training a Parrot to Wear a Bird Collar

Most birds don't like to wear apparel. But, your bird can become accustomed to the collar with training. Even sometimes with training, when first introduced to a collar, the bird may flip over and thrash about trying to get the collar off. Other birds may get depressed as they are getting used to the collar. They may refuse to walk or eat. These displays may last a day or more. Please make every effort to gradually introduce your bird to the UnRuffledRx Bird Collar. Follow training instructions carefully. DO NOT be leave the bird unattended until you are confident, that it will not injure itself, and it is eating and drinking on its own.

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