The Feather Plucking Birds Workbook

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    The Feather Plucking Birds Workbook delivers exactly what thousands of parrot caretakers have been hoping for: a painless, researched-backed method to help feather plucking birds.

    Backed by numerous studies, behavior modification has long been known for its positive results, but it has been hard for lay-people to understand and effectively use the principals.  The Feather Plucking Remedies for Birds Workbook explains how parrots develop feather plucking habits and how you can train your bird to bring it relief. Diane Burroughs, LCSW uses her clinical background and love of parrots to help you understand the process of developing an individualized plan for your bird.

    Designed to offer both beginning and advanced techniques, I'll walk you through developing a behavior modification plan specifically for feather plucking birds. Complete with editable PDF behavior modification plan templates that you can use over and over again for safe, force-free behavior training that really works.

    250 pp.

    What's Inside the Feather Plucking Birds Workbook

    • Authoritative, professional advice to help you understand feather plucking birds
    • How to use positive, reward-based methods such as clicker training, to teach feather plucking birds alternative behaviors and skills to kick the habit
    • Detailed, solutions to replace feather plucking behavior with safe, natural parrot behaviors.
    • Case studies based on real feather plucking birds 
    • Editable PDF behavior modification plan templates that you can use over and over again for safe, force-free training that really works.

      Put Aside Your Worries and Defeat Feather Plucking

      Your parrot deserves the best care it can get. No longer will you have to sit and worry as your once-beautiful parrot engages in self-destructive behavior. Now you have all of the tools and wisdom you need to provide your parrot with the best life possible. And once you follow this workbook’s simple steps, you’ll loudly sing its praises – and so will your parrot!

      Author Bio

      Clinical Social Worker and avian expert, Diane Burroughs, LCSW, has written this must-have Feather Plucking In Birds workbook to help your feather plucking bird.  The Feather Plucking Birds Workbook is the first book to approach feather plucking origins and remedies from a brain development perspective. This book offers all of the information that worried parrot caretakers need to grasp the causes of feather picking, to adapt bird care for optimum results and to increase desired behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors. Thankfully, there is an effective remedy for feather plucking in behavior modification. 

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