Look Good, Feel Good Pack're not going to want to miss this. Get your bird feeling younger and more energetic with this amazing bundle. As our picky-eating, sedentary birds get older, their joints get stiff, they become "perch potatoes," and they often start messing with their feathers. This kit includes three of our top sellers that improve feathers and overall health.

  • FeatheredUp! 90 gm., New feather growth requires a lot of protein, calcium, and other nutrients. If your bird doesn't get enough nutrients during its molt, it will experience malnutrition and become weak and sickly. Bird Molting Vitamins are the perfect solution.
  • Hemp Seeds, 15 oz. Reduce inflammation, chronic pain, and anxiety with THC-Free Raw Hemp Seeds. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and fatty acids that the body needs to look and feel great!
  • Red Palm Oil, 4 oz. Birds' feathers are very important parts of their lives. So much so that they need supple skin that can produce beautiful colorful feathers. Red Pam Oil provides essential nutrients that help support healthy skin.

Let's get your bird looking good and feeling good today. Order your bundle today.

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Premium Natural Ingredients

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