Scratching Bird Skin Care Bundle

So, your poor little bird is scratching, huh? Feeling itchy? Unbearable itching and dry skin can make life difficult for your pet bird. Skin is the largest organ in the body, and our birds need special care. Give your parrot some much-needed relief with our Bird Scratching Kit.

OUR SCRATCHING BIRD KIT includes the following products: 

  • Red Palm Oil Stop ignoring your bird's itchy, red skin problems. Take the first step to a healthier skin regimen with miraculous red palm oil. This life-changing oil has essential skin health nutrients like A and E, Omegas, and beta-carotene for long-term results. This is your first step to a healthier skin regimen and a happier bird.
  • FeatheredUp! Itchy birds? Molting birds? Are feathers coming out faster than they grow back? Birds need vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to grow healthy feathers. FeatheredUp! Dietary Supplement promotes the growth of healthy, luminous feathers from the inside out with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for itchy birds.
  • FeatherSoft: Notice your bird's skin is constantly itching? Does it scratch at itself until its skin hurts and sometimes bleeds? Heal your bird's skin with FeatherSoft. With natural oat extract, you can feel good knowing that this product is soothing and protecting your bird's skin.
  • Aloe Vera Spray: Say hello to those feathery good looks! Keep your bird's feathers healthy and looking good with our Aloe Vera Bird Spray. Aloe Vera purifies the skin and speeds wound healing while promoting new feather growth. Aloe Vera helps heal dry skin, and fungal infections, and keeps infections at bay.

Help your bird get relief.  Order the Scratching Bird Kit today.

If the pesky scratching won’t stop, ask your vet about Fatty Liver Disease. Itching is a common symptom of this dangerous condition. Especially if your bird is on a seed or poor diet.

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