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Why Parrots Pluck Their Feathers

Don't give up on your feathered friend! In this eBook, we will explore the basics of understanding what causes plucking in birds and how to deal with it using practical behavioral therapy.

With decades of scientific research behind us, we know that modifying behaviors can make a big difference for these animals. You'll become an expert detective as you work through some of the specific behaviors or issues that might be affecting your own feathered pet. Once you've solved them all, there will be nothing holding back its natural beauty from shining through - so keep reading if you care about getting feathers growing again!

Need for advanced solutions?

For a much deeper dive into feather plucking in birds and step-by-step support in building a behavior plan, get The Feather Plucking Remedies or Birds Workbook. 

25 years helping birds

25 years helping birds

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