Fun Max Teach Box and Bank Educational Bird Toy,

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    All parrots love to insert objects inside other objects. It is a natural game to them!

    The goal of this beginner educational Bird Toy is to teach your pet to perform do it on COMMAND. The Teach Box is rewarding for the bird because it is easy to do. 

    Now, imagine that you've taught your pet a cool new trick that it performs on command anytime you want to divert unwanted behavior, such as feather plucking!

    The Teach Box includes a box with slots plus discs and coins. The Teach Box is, in fact, 2 games in 1. The Teach Box is a game for initiation to training. With this game, the bird learns "how to learn "and gives you the opportunity to initiate with him, the ritual of the training session (see preparation sheet). The bird will expect to learn and play each time you place it on the training table.

    Great Educational Toy Interaction Piece

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    This educational bird toy comes with instructions, however, since the toy is made in Canada, the instructions have a "French Flair." The Clicker Training book would be a great addition to support your training efforts.

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