Clicker Training For Birds - Bird Behavior Help


    Are you looking for a new way to have fun playing with your bird?  Do you want to put an end to depression, anxiety, or aggression?

    Clicker training can improve your bird's behavior and your bond.

    Find out just how smart, affectionate, and social birds can be, with clicker training.

    • Depressed birds regain their joy in life.

    • One-person birds warm up to others.

    • Scared birds learn to cooperate more.

    • Challenging behaviors like screaming & biting fade away.

    • Baby birds grow up to be outstanding companions.

    • Rescued & older birds learn to trust, love, & play.

    Clicker training is easy and fun! Just follow the simple guidelines in this book. You'll learn to communicate with your bird - and teach your bird to communicate with you - in ways that you never imagined. 

    My Congo grey female is 17 years old and seldom, if ever, would step up from the top of her cage. 3 hours with the clicker training and she is ready to almost jump off when I say “Step Up!” Thanks so much, great program.


    Clicker Training for Birds  - 156 pages.