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What to Feed Your Bird for Absolutely Stunning Feathers


    What's on the menu for your pet bird? Does your parrot only like the same two dishes over and over again? Change things up with my Parrot Sprouting Guide and Cookbook. I'll show you how to sprout your own seeds for healthy, flavorful new meals.

    You need to know this! Plus, find out how to start feeding your bird a super-nutritious raw food diet that will help you maintain vibrant, colorful feathers.

    Oh, and Btw, you'll get regular updates as we continue to release our delicious, nutritious recipes optimized for parrot and feather health.


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A well renowned behaviorist, with a nutritional specialty - LCSW - Master’s in Clinical social work, expert in ABA therapy - 30+ years experience; Certified in Nutrition for Mental Health

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We work with avian nutritionists, avian vets, and use science in bird collar designs and supplement development to bring you the best products.

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