Clicker Training For Birds | Teach Fun Tricks | Help Parrot Behavior

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    Why Learn Clicker Training for Birds?

    • Clicker training helps reduce parrot anxiety and depression, including related behaviors such as plucking, screaming and aggression
    • Clicker Training offers the best way to socialize your parrot
    • Clicker Training sets YOU up to properly introduce behavior modification principles to change parrot behavior problems faster
    • Important step-by-step instruction to actually improves parrot behavior
    • Your bird can learn super fun tricks

    Based on science-proven behavior modification principles, clicker training takes positive pet training methods to the next level. As your parrot feels successful and anticipates good things happening when it attends to your cues for behavior, unwanted parrot behavior problems just start to fade away.

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    What is a Clicker?

    Clickers fit in your hand and make a distinct 'click' sound when pressed. Clickers are used to train parrots the exact behavior that you'll offer a reward for. Do you want your parrot to learn to wave?  Click, then immediately offer a treat, when your bird lifts its leg. 

    How does Clicker Training Boost Behavior Modification for Birds?

    If you're hoping to start a behavior modification plan for plucking, screaming or other parrot problems, you'll find that clicker training boosts your efforts and speeds the process. Why? Most importantly, it reinforces positive reinforcement strategies in your brain.  You train yourself to quickly attend to only the behaviors that you want to see more of. On top of that, your bird learns that training time is fun time.

    It's been proven! Positive pet training methods work!  And, not only that, clicker training makes training your pet more rewarding for you, too. No more pet training exasperation when you start using positive pet training methods.  You and your pet will start enjoying training time.

    You don't need any fancy equipment to get started, either.  All you need is a bird stand and the clicker that comes with this kit!

    Clicker Training for Birds  - 156 pages. 

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