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Featherbrite Bird Light - Capital Universal

Silver Stardust
  • Overview

    NOW With LED 6w, 5500K full spectrum bulb!

    You want to provide birds with light but don't know how? The poor little guys have been cooped up in cages for too long.

    With FeatherBrite's Full Spectrum Bird Cage Light, you can provide your feathered friends with the light they need to thrive. This light is lightweight and easy to assemble, and it comes with 8" wire extenders to lift the lamp up off of the cage. The assembled light measures 10.5 x 11 inches and 10 inches high with the legs. It has an 8 ft. electrical cord with an on/off switch. Choose from four non-toxic powder coat colors!

    For your bird's safety, always unplug the light fixture whenever your bird is outside of its cage.

    Not available for shipping outside of the USA. 

    Learn more about bird lights here.

  • Features

    • Safe, durable non-toxic powder coat finish
    • 16w LED full spectrum daylight bulb
    • Built-in light diffuser spreads the light evenly
    • 12" stainless steel wire safety arm keep the cord away from the cage
    •  8 ft. electrical cord with an off/on switch
  • Bird Light Benefits 

    Replicating the health benefits of sunlight, bird lights help your bird synthesize Vitamin D, aid in sleep, glandular health, and feather health.

    • Light determines your bird's sleep cycle: A well-rested bird has a better mood.

    • Lighting affects your pet's seasonality: Changes in the length of day affect
      when your bird becomes hormonal. Improper lighting may cause a bird to become hormonal year-round.

    • UV Light assists in the synthesis of Vitamin D and in turn, the proper utilization of calcium levels.  Calcium is needed not just for strong, healthy bones but also for neurological balance and mood management.
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