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Vet-Aid Sea Salt Self-Mutilation Healing Spray, 4 oz.


    Vet-Aid Sea Salt Self-Mutilation Healing Spray

    For many birds, there is no greater pain than the agony of an open wound. 

    Does your pet bird have an injury or wound? Vet-Aid Sea Salt Healing Spray will help them heal quickly. It’s hypoallergenic and sterile so it can be used on any animal with painful skin wounds.

    Vet-Aid Sea Salt Healing Spray is a hypoallergenic, sterile enzymatic solution that promotes soothing and quick healing for a variety of dermatological conditions.

    Parrots can be a handful, but when they get injured or obsessed with self-mutilation, it can be even more difficult. It's important to keep their wounds clean and free of infection.

    Vet-Aid Wound Care Spray is a gentle spray that can be used on open, draining wounds and even on infected feather follicles. It's safe to use near the eyes and mouth, and it's your best over-the-counter choice for a parrot that is going through this tough time.

    Healing birds are often seen to mutilate themselves. This is due to the fact that they are unable to process the toxins in their body. Vet Aid's ingredients are able to heal these wounds without harming the beneficial bacteria, just like your pet's body does.

    Always keep vet aid spray in your avian first aid kit to prevent a tragedy with your bird.

    Works well!
    My lovebird had a small cut on his leg that turned into a huge mess when he started picking at it. I was running out of options on what to use, but luckily I found this spray and it has helped so much!

    I sprayed his wound once in the morning and once at night and in about a month his skin was all healed with his feathers growing back in. Highly recommended!

  • USES


    • abscesses
    • moist dermatitis
    • foot injuries
    • vent injuries
    • underwing raw spots
    • scratches
    • self-mutilation and other lacerations in parrots

    Safe for parrots, birds, and other animals


    • Ingredients:  All ingredients are sterile: Purified water, sea salt, lysozyme, sodium benzoate.  Lysozyme - attacks and destroys bacteria; Sea Salt - provides healing minerals and nutrients.
    • Conditions: Rain Rot, Proud Flesh, Hot Spots, Abscess, Dermatitis, Infected Wounds & Self-Mutilation
    • Form: Spray (4 oz.)
    • Type: Topical
    • Feature: Hypoallergenic