MEDIHONEY Gel 0.5 oz | Bird Wound Treatment

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  • Overview

    Medihoney bird wound treatment is made with Active Leptospermum Honey.  Researchers have found that the Leptospermum species of honey has unique components that make it an ideal treatment for parrots that engage in self-mutilation.

    Medihoney helps the body’s natural wound cleansing processes in three key ways:

    • Medihoney maintains a moist environment.
    • Aids in cleansing the wound of debris.
    • Reduces wound pH.

    MEDIHONEY® can be used at early wound onset all the way through complete healing. Wound management is much easier than with other dressings.

  • More Info

    Medihoney is a medical-grade honey product for the management of acute & chronic wounds. For open self-mutilation wounds, consult your avian veterinarian regarding dressing options and how often to change dressings.

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