UnRuffledRx Calming Herbs for Parrots

  • Overview

    • Proprietary blend of 16 herbs including, 5 adaptogen herbs that help the body handle stress.
    • Contains leaves, roots, bark and flowers of plants known for wellness and calming properties.
    • Blended to provide stress support for feather plucking parrots.

      This big world is upsetting for a bird scared of becoming someone else’s prey. Help them feel that they are safe with you. Both feather plucking and stressed parrots tend to channel their anxiety in one of two ways.  They either act out with aggressive behaviors or turn it inwards with self-harm behaviors. Nobody wants their parrot to experience these extreme reactions to stress. 

      UnRuffledRx Calming Herbs for Parrots safely helps to eliminate unwanted parrot behavior. Offer your pet a self-serve herbal apothecary and watch it transform into a calmer, healthier pet. As your parrot forages through this rich mix of crunchy leaves, roots, bark and flowers known for their calming and nutritional properties, it also receives the satisfaction of foraging. 

      Given the high nutrient nature of this mix, please feed sparingly to Eclectus parrots.

      Available in 4 oz. resealable, standup bags.

      (Wholesale inquiries welcome.)

    • More Info

      While most birds quickly accept natural plant textures and tastes, some finicky eaters may need encouragement to try new foods. 

      Serving Instructions: 

      Offer smaller parrots approximately 1/4 teaspoon a day, while larger birds may eat approximately 1 teaspoon per day. Serve UnRuffledRx Calming Herbs for Parrots in a separate dish or mixed with dried pellets.  They may be mixed in with moist, warmed fruits and vegetables, baked into Birdy Bread, or stirred into bird chop, too.  

      Storage instructions: 

      Storage instructions: since these are dried plant materials, they may get buggy if not stored correctly. Please store in an airtight food-safe container, in a cool dark place. You can refrigerate them, but do not freeze.

      Ingredients: Alfalfa Leaf, Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root, Chickweed Herb, Dandelion Leaf, Echinacea Purpurea Root, Kelp Granules, Lavender Flowers, Lemon Balm, Licorice Root, Marshmallow Root, Olive Leaf, Pau 'd Arco Bark, Spirulina Powder, Thyme Leaf, Wheatgrass Powder.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Quality: Good
    Calming herbs

    Have African grey who has genetic heart problems that caused to start chewing on her back and under her wing from anxiety. Have her in and out of collar for two years. She is on medication but now the chewing seems to be habit. Trying the herbs and calming sprays. Using the herbs with my other birds and everybody seems to like them. Too early to tell if the sprays will take place of collar.

    Quality: Great

    My parrot and parakeets ready take this in thier dish. Along with feather spray, my Brotogeneris is regrowing his chest feathers.

    Quality: Great
    Birdie herbs

    I just started giving this to my lovebird that is plucking. I think it’s too early to tell how it’s working but she is eating it.