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FeatherUp bird feather growth supplement
FeatherUp! Feather growth Supplement
UnRuffledRx FeatherUp!
FeatherUp! Bird Vitamins with Biotin
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UnRuffledRx FeatherUp! Bird Vitamins for Growing Feathers, 90 gm.

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Quick, effortless, and effective – our solution supports robust feather development. Packed with biotin, our bird vitamin provides the utmost convenience in delivering essential nutrition for cultivating gorgeous plumage. Make it a daily routine for birds undergoing molting or dealing with feather plucking issues.

🇳🇿 🇦🇺 Just a heads up – FeatherUp! doesn't clear customs in Australia or New Zealand.


✔ PREMIUM, POWDERED BIRD VITAMINS with biotin for molting birds and feather pluckers.

 SPRINKLE ON MOIST BIRD FOOD or mix in bird chop.

 DAILY FOR PICKY EATERS: So that they grow beautiful feathers at their next molt

✔ REPLACES ALL OTHER VITAMINS & MINERALS until desired feather quality is reached.

  Made in the USA.

Meet FeatherUp – your bird's best friend during molting and feather plucking battles. Loaded with essential bird vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, FeatherUp is designed to boost feather health. Give your feathered buddy the care they deserve in tough times. Elevate their well-being now with FeatherUp – because every bird deserves top-notch support for vibrant feathers.

🇳🇿 🇦🇺 Just a heads up – FeatherUp! doesn't clear customs in Australia or New Zealand

Supports Feather Pluckers, Molting birds, & General health

About FeatherUp!

perfect for feather pluckers

The ideal solution to support your bird during seasonal molting & to support chronic feather pluckers who are constantly regrowing feathers.

bird vitamins for picky eaters

A bird-friendly daily vitamin, loaded with biotin and proteins, to give your picky eater a boost through the demanding feather growth phase.

Vet endorsed aloe vera spray for birds

Helps stop and fix feather plucking by promoting the overall well-being of your feathered friend.

featherup bird vitamins

Enhances mood, immunity, metabolism, skin, & feather health.

Introducing FeatheredUp! Vitamins To Your Bird

Here are the facts. Birds must be taught which foods are safe. With thousands of foods available in a rainforest, how does a bird avoid eating something dangerous? They watch mom and dad. They're hard-wired to only eat foods that they've been shown are safe. How will you teach your bird to eat new, healthy foods? 🐦😊

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Product Questions

This product replaces all other over the counter supplements, including calcium.

Customer Reviews

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Catalina L.




Conni S.

Just received these bird vitamins that you sprinkle on moist food. She doesn't seem to like it, but I will keep trying. Thanks.

Justyna N.

My birds do not like the biotin formula sprinkled on their food. Is there another way to give it to them?

Marisol A.

My pepita enjoy it