Pak O Bird Backpack Style Carrier, X-Small Stainless Steel Mesh

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    X-Small Pak O Bird Backpack Style Carrier

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    X-Small Dimensions: 10" L x 8" W x 11.5" H

    Weight: 2 lb. 10 oz.

    Suitable for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Parrotlets and Lovebirds, Senegals

    This Pak O Bird is totally remarkable for your small feathered friends! Can be carried in front of you or on your back.

    Pak O Bird Backpack Style Carrier:

    • Mosquito Proof Stainless Steel Mesh
    • Super Rugged Design
    • Can be secured in seat belts for use in vehicles
    • Collapsible design; Stow the Pak O Bird Carrier in a closet, luggage or under your bed!

  • More Info

    Adjustable:  All sizes of Pak O Bird Carriers allow height adjustments for both perch and cup positions, thereby accommodating both short and long tailed parrots.   

    Materials:  Pak O Bird Carriers are made from durable, high-tech sailcloth.  These bird carriers have privacy curtains which are secured with clip style hooks from the exterior.  The curtains allow you to use this bird carrier in variable weather conditions and are great for fearful parrots.
    Accessories: Detachable support panels, 2 backpack straps (for front or back carrying), shoulder strap, removable washable mat, 2 stainless steel food cups, dragon wood perch. Backpack straps accommodates people of all sizes with various shoulder height selections.
    Mesh:  Mosquito proof stainless steel mesh.  
    Curtains: Front Window to keep out the elements: May be unzipped & rolled up to give your bird a view. Each side has roll up curtains that can closed to darken the bird carrier and keep out the elements.


    Weight: 2 lb. 13 oz including: Shoulder strap 2 oz. Front / backpack strap 7 oz. Support panels 3.6 oz. Floor panel 2.6 oz. Additional weight: Stainless steel cup 4 oz. each Dragon wood perch 5 to 7 oz. (depends on size) Perch position (from Floor, seam to seam): 4" and 6". Fabric: 1680 Denier nylon Lining: Grey color Stainless Mesh Type: Stainless Steel Color: Olive or Gold with silver reflective strip & black color trims
    Questions? Just text your Pak O Bird Backpack Style Carrier questions to 719-650-0812
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