Bird Behavior Consultations

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Are you worried about bird behavior and not sure what to do about it?

I'm a bird behaviorist. I specialize in preventing, managing, and modifying challenging behaviors in companion birds.

I can help you to identify what's causing your bird's behavior problems. I'll also help you broaden positive, force-free, yet effective training and parrot husbandry solutions that support your pet bird.

I'm Diane Burroughs, LCSW. I've been practicing Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA) for over 20 years and I'm certified in Nutrition For Mental Health. I use only science-backed parrot wellness in my practice.

I've used science-backed approaches to teach bird lovers like you effective, easy, & enjoyable ways to solve challenging bird behavior. I work with feather plucking, aggression, fear and anxieties, and other common behavior concerns.

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Just purchase the package of your choice.  We've found that routine follow-up appointments are invaluable for difficult problems, like feather plucking, chronic anxiety, and aggression.

As soon as you complete your purchase check your email for our intake questionnaire. This questionnaire gives me the information that I need to "hit the ground running," and make the most of your session.

We'll schedule a time that is convenient for both of us. I prefer providing these sessions on Zoom.  But, I've also done them on Facetime and Google meet.

Following our meeting, you'll receive an action plan to support you over the long term. 

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